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RE Curriculum Map (updated Dec 2014 W. Dunn)

Autumn 1​

Autumn 2​

Spring 1​

Spring 2​

Summer 1​

Summer 2​


What are Harvest Festivals?
What does harvest mean?  What will happen in our school?  What is a Christian Harvest Festival?  How can we show we are thankful?
Who were the friends of Jesus?
What does friendship mean?  Who were Jesus' disciples?  Who was Zacchaeus?  Who are our friends?
​Jesus: The Promise of new life
Explore and collect examples of life changing into new life, e.g. seed to grass, bulbs to daffodils, acorns to oaks, caterpillars to butterflies.  Look at Jesus' promise of new life.  The story of the cross and resurrection.
Who was Noah?
What is the story of Noah?  Why did he build an ark?  What is a promise?  What does the story mean?
Creation Stories
​EnrichmentHarvest Festival ​Planting seeds/bulbs

​Year 1

Harvest and Giving Thanks
Where does our food come from?  Who brings us our food?  Explore how we grow.  Give thanks for things that give us life, e.g. water, food, warmth and air.  Celebrating harvest.
The Festival of Light
Diwali and the story of Rama and Sita.  God's concern that good not evil will prevail.  Vishnu preserver.  Christmas-Jesus the light to guide the world.  Light as symbol.
The Family of God
Making a promise-signs/showing you have made a promise.  Explore idea that God is a Christian father.  Promising to bring a baby up within the Christian family.  Infant Baptism.
Showing Courage
Introduction to Judaism.  Star of David, the torah scroll and synagogue.  The Bar mitzvah.  The story of Esther.  The celebration of Purim.  A Purim party.  How can you show courage?​
A Good Friend
What makes a good friend?  How good a friend are you?  Staying friends through thick and thin.  David and Jonathon​.  A Covenant of friendship.  Jesus and Peter.
The Prophet of God
Introduction to Islam.  Crescent moon, mosque, prayer mat.  Introduction to who Muhammed was.  The Night of Power, the prophet's robe.  The angry women, what do these stories tell us?
Enrichment ​Visit from Black Country Food Bank
Harvest Festival
​Visit to Mandir

​Year 2

Local Heroes
What is a hero today?  Heroes in their work, e.g. fire, police.  The Good Samaritan.  Christian Heroes today-Lisa Potts, Jonathon Edwards.  Ordinary heroes-the work of the local church.
​Christian Heroes
Jesus' life and words-an example for today.  Commandment, love God, love one another.  Washing the feet of the disciples.  Dr. Banardo, Hariet Tubman.  Christmas, a time for peace and goodwill.  Christmas in the trenches 1914.
Praise and Thanks
How can we offer praise and thanks to God?  Christian praise in music.  Spiritual Gospel singing.  The Clown of God.  Our own prayers, Muslim praise in beauty-prayer mat, decoration of the dome.
The Easter Story
Explore the idea of giving and sacrifice.  St Alban, Father Damien, Captain Oates.  The happy Prince.  The Easter Story-Jesus the man who gave himself.  Victory in defeat.​
Finding a Space
A place for special things .  A place to be quiet.  A place to find peace.  A space to think about God.  A space for prayer.  Space inside a church. Symbols of God within the church.
​Space for Prayer
Judaism, space inside a tallith.  Space inside a synagogue.  Islam-space inside a mosque.  An oasis in a desert.  Prayer in Islam-Salah.
​EnrichmentVisit from Black Country Food Bank ​Visit St. Paul's

​Year 3

Jesus the Teacher
Jesus teaching stories.  Teaching in parables.  The parable of the talents.  The parable of the sheep and goat.  The wicked servant.  What do these stories tell us?
Servants of God?
Examine motivation.  Consider beliefs and actions of Christmas-Gladys Alwood-showing courage.  Mother Teresa responding to God.  Martin Luther King, non-violent action.
What is the Bible?
Explore how the bible is used.  Why is it so important to Christians?  The Old/New Testament.  The Bible in English.​
Loss and Change
Death, dying and eternal life.  Dealing with loss.  "I'll always love you".  Badger's parting gift.  Explore own belief about life and death.  Link to Easter.​
Signs and Symbols
Finding symbols in a story.  The story of Noah's ark.  God's promise.  The symbol of the rainbow, a wedding ring, Abraham and Isaac.  Renewal of the covenant promise.​
Rules: What rules do people have?
Where do rules come from?  Who decides the rules?  Moses-the ten commandments.  Honour your father and mother-the elderly.  False witness-being honest.​
​EnrichmentVisit from Rev. Mike

​Year 4

Local Study
Exploring the local neighbourhood.  Can you find symbols of religious beliefs?  Are there any special religious buildings.
Showing Commitment
Showing commitment in attitude, in action, helping people in need, local charities.  Being a good neighbour.  Fasting during Ramadan "The Thirsty Dog".  Identifying with the Hungry-Zakat.
Ways in which we communicate.  Can we communicate with God?  Do we have to use words?  Praising/Asking.  The Lord's prayer.  Muslim worship-the opening prayer.  How do people pray?
Giving Service
Jesus as a man who serves others.  Jesus washes the feet of his disciples.  The Sikh belief in Seva-service to others.  Visiting a Gurdwara Seva in the Langar.​
The Potter's Clay
Are we all member's of a common race?  Akbar and the Guru's langar.  Guru Hargabind and the 52 Hindu princes.
Who do they belong to?  Do animals belong to us?  Can we treat animals as we like?  Being responsible.  A sign of God.  Looking after pets.  St. Francis tames the Wolf.  The Budha and the swan.​
​EnrichmentWalk around local areaRaising money for Children in Need
Choose a local charity to raise money as a class by organising a fundraising event
​Visit to the Gurdwara ​RSPCA Guest speaker

​Year 5

What does it mean to believe?
What does it mean to be committed?  How do you stand up for what you believe?  Ceremonies of commitment-baptism, confirmation, bar Mitzvah, weddings.
The Bread of Life
Jesus feeds the 5000 "I am the bread of life"​.  Jesus as the spiritual symbol of nourishment.  Giving of himself, the last supper.
The Law of Love
Jesus' two commandments "Love God, love one another".  Avoiding conflict.  What makes you angry?  Controlling your anger and avoiding conflict.  Showing forgiveness and becoming a peacekeeper.
Jesus: Who was he?
Stories about Jesus.  The Pharisees, The outcasts, The Centurion's servant.  Jesus' arrest, trial, death and resurrection.  Sacrifice/Easter-new life.​
The Light that wouldn't go out
Judaism and the Jewish people.  Abraham-covenant.  Moses-the exodes.  God's People continued to survive.  Passover, Hanukah.​
A Place of Prostration
Explore key beliefs of Islam.  God, Muhammed, the Qur'an.  Muslim worship-the salat.  Showing obedience.  Friday Prayer.
​EnrichmentCatholic Church visit-holy communion

​Year 6

What do you believe in?  How does what you believe affect what you do?  Christian Beliefs.  The Trinity-God the father, God the son and God the holy spirit.  The Bible Creeds.  What is you Creed?
God's Guidance
The story of Muhammed.  The Night of Power.  The chain of Prophets.  Muhammad and the old woman.  Defending God's Guidance.  The Qur'an and how Muslims treat the book.​
Christian Religious Building
What am I?
Are humans different from animals?  Explore the chemical ingredients that make up a human being.  What are we?  What is our conscience?  Is there an inner soul-the breath of life?
The Muslim Way of Life?
Explore what Muslims wear, eat, say and do.  The Five Pillars of Islam.  Pilgrimage in Christianity-Lourdes and Jerusalem.  Pilgrimage in Islam-the hajj.  The True Pilgrimage.​
Worship and Community
The Purpose of the mosque.  Rituals at the mosque.  Preparing children to visit the mosque.
​Enrichment Visit to Shell Corner Mosque