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School Visits

Each year pupils are offered the opportunity to take part in educational visit which ​supports the work they have been studying in the curriculum.  Most of these visits however, do have some cost implications, so we ask that parents pay the full cost of the visit as a voluntary contribution.  Parents are always informed well in advance of the arrangements for these visits and easy payment schemes can be negotiated, if necessary. 

Year 6 Residential Visit

Each year, Year 6 pupils are given the opportunity to spend the week away at a residential facility.  They undertake lots of activities such as abseiling, canoeing, swimming, horse-riding (extra cost) and many more team games.  For many children this is the first time away from home without their parents and is a real 'grown up' experience that they thoroughly enjoy.  The cost of the week is kept as low as possible as payments for the visit are made by instalments.  We would like to have as many Year 6 pupils attend as possible as we believe that the social aspects of the week, as well as the activities themselves are a tremendous educational opportunity.