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Dec 05
Week Beginning 1st December 2014

​Hi!  It's the special time of year...  Christmas!!!  Hanging stocking's on the wall and the snow ball fights.  Not the life for a cat uh-uh.  The school have been getting ready for the Christmas concert and key stage one's nativity performance.

Year 6

Year 6 have started the week by making their Christmas decorations.  As you might know each class make something Christmassy and hang it on a hoop.  They then hang the hoops in the school hall (maybe some classes will make cats!)  They are using fabric and are sewing the pieces together.  (Let me tell you a secret, its red and brown and it flies.)

In science they are studying the body.  They will soon carry out an experiment in groups of two and three.  They are trying to make it fair.

Year 6 have been working really hard as they are practicing for their SATs in May.  They were doing practise tests from previous SATs papers.  They must have worked really hard!  (I did really bad when i did my SATs i got the lowest grade out of all my cat friends!)

Year 4

Year 4 have been very lively this week by tasting scrumptious chocolate from all around England (they're very greedy, they didn't share with me, I call this animal cruelty).  They also have been creating catchy names for their chocolate company (I'm sure My Willy Wonka will be bankrupt at the end of this month).  I heard that they had advertised their chocolate bar (I wonder if they went on dragons den, I want all their money).  They also had the opportunity to make their own chocolate (yet again none for me, I wonder why RSPCA placed me in this home).  I saw some children using iPad's. I heard apple made them (I tried biting into it but it didn't taste like apple).

That's all i have this week for Year 4's blog (hopefully next week I won't be ripped off by the fake apple).

Year 3

Year 3 were in their festive spirits last week by making Christmas angels to go on their hoop in the hall (I mentioned they should have hung mice up but once again no one listens to the cat).  They have also been improving their maths skills by learning how to do data handling (5 mice + 7 mice = yum yum, even my maths skills are good).  Year 3 have also been making shields and painting them (I am a one in a million cat that's why there creating shields to protect me).  They had brought out their best voices singing: Here it is Merry Christmas, Unto us a Child is Born, Calypso Carol and Starry Night (not as good as cat's choir).

Year 2

This week Year 2 have kept their festive spirits up and have carried on practising their Christmas play (I've heard them singing and it sounds great).  The play is called The Magical Christmas Jigsaw and as parents you should all be proud of the mind-blowing performance it will become (do not be worried no brains will be harmed during the production).

Like Year 4, Year 2 have been looking at chocolate (once again, no chocolate for me this is unfair, I'm calling the RSPCA).  They have been observing the packaging of Cadburys chocolate bar in DT (Design and Technology).

That's all I have for this week on the Year 2 blog (hopefully next time I'll be given some chocolate).

Year 1

This week Year 1 have been getting their brains working by solving tricky maths problems (sorry I can't give that much information, I'm not much of a maths whizz).  The children have also let their creative flow get the best of them as they've been creating Andy Warhol style pop art.  Pupils have started to decorate their classroom for Christmas (oh did I mention they've got a chocolate advent calendar, yummy).


Reception have been reading a fun book called "The Jolly Postman" (I wonder what makes him so Jolly...).  Also, they have been writing their Christmas lists to Santa, (on my list I put a Go-Go mouse, all of my friends will be jealous!)  They have been painting fabulously with their good skills (maybe they painted a picture of me).


I wonder if Nursery can measure my size since they have been learning about different sizes (hopefully I'm not as heavy as cats say.)  Nursery have also been practising their nativity where they have all sorts of parts (I wonder what part I've got in their play, I haven't been asked yet).  Nursery have been looking at 'C' in DR ICE, (doesn't that stand for 'Cats' then?)

That's all for now because I've got to go audition for the nativity, wish me luck.

Nov 17
Week Beginning 17th November 2014

Hello human friends, the school has had a very busy week back at back.  There were some special events like Remembrance Day and Children in Need (I'm glad i didn't dress in spots I would have looked like a school clown.)

Year 6

Year 6 have begum  the week by starting their ancient Greece pots which they will make out of clay.  They looked at the shape, pattern and colour.  (Maybe they might draw me on!)

In Literacy they have moved on and are starting to look  at holiday brochures.  They will soon be making their own brochure to go to Greece.  (I learnt from my geography skills that it is a hot hot country).

In science they have been learning about the body, (I hope it wasn't a cat's body they were looking at)!  They carried out an experiment trying to work out how big our lungs might be when we breathe.  They blew a balloon in one puff and measured and recorded it.  (I wonder how big my lungs are?)

Year 5

Year 5 have also had a busy week, they have started the week by making rockets to blast off into space, (are they sure it's not a firework).  They are going to use vitamin c tablets, water and a small pot.

They have also started to learn about the artist Peter Thorpe, he is a decorator, but in his spare time he did lots of different types of space pictures with left over paint (too bad for me, I just put paw prints on Mr Weston's doors).

Year 4

Did you watch Pudsey in action last week?  (I was catnapping.)  Year 4 have been making mice catching machines (sorry I was supposed to put star catching machines).  They've also been learning about how time works.  Year 4 will be experts at using a compass after this week (to complicated for me) they are practicing their North, South, East and West.  Another way to remember it is, ;Never Eat Shredded Wheat' (although I thought wheat was healthy).


This week Reception have been reading Little Red Riding Hood and have been making jam sandwiches to take to grandma (yum yum, sounds good but i prefer fish sandwiches).  Warning: Wolf on the loose watch out for DANGER!!!  (Got to put on my disguise.)  Summah thought drawing a wolf and eating the jam sandwiches wer yum, yum, yum!  Luckily, my maths skills came in handy, when they were doing one more one less.  Sorry got to go I think the wolf saw me.


This week nursery has been reading the story "Funny Bones" (my funny bone is feeling a bit ticklish).  They have also been role-playing and singing songs out of the story with their fantastic skills.  In maths they have been looking at lots of different shapes and their properties (luckily i studied shapes in cat college so I know waht i'm talking about).  Here is a quote from a student called Alfie "I loved it when we all sang Funny Bones!"  Nursery has also had fun making a new reading gardern in their book corner, woth lots of friendship flowers to represent the children's friends.  I would need to have lots of flowers because I have lots of friends!