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Eco Council

Olive hill are electing members for a new-look Eco-Council.  The Eco Council are going to work together to provide the tools to promote and develop sustainability throughout our school.  We are going to involve teacher, pupils and members of the community to ensure that everyone works together to improve the quality of our school and encourage environmentally friendly changes.

We are going to become an Eco-School by:

  • Electing new Eco Council members
  • Holding regular meetings
  • Choosing 1 or 2 specific areas in the school to work on
  • Setting appropriate and achievable targets
  • Linking our ideas to our curriculum work
  • Check and monitor that successful improvements are being made
  • Keep the whole school and community up to date with progress

The Eco Council framework consists of seven elements

  1. Eco-Committee
  2. Environmental Review
  3. Action Plan
  4. Involving the whole school and wider community
  5. Linking to the curriculum
  6. Monitoring and evaluation
  7. Eco-Code

This framework supports schools working on different environmental and sustainable topics so will be looking at these areas in our meetings, along with how to save energy, water & paper, reducing litter & waste-a Display Energy Certificate (DEC) is displayed and a Green Procurement Policy has been created (which is mandatory as from January 2013).  We will also be trying to think of new ways to keep ourselves and our school healthy.

In addition to these topics we are going to work with local schools and the wider community by forming links with Leasowes Park and Bishop's Wood.

Being an Eco School can raise the profile of our school in the wider community.  It enhances the curriculum and gets the whole school united behind something important.  It is also our mission to achieve an Eco Schools award to showcase our hard work - we would like to work to achieve our Bronze award, next it's Silver Award and, ultimately the Green Flag.

After listening to an assembly and electing our new members, we are now ready to reform our Eco Council facilitated by Miss Challinor and Miss Macaskill and led by the children of Olive Hill.

We look forward to sharing more information soon.